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Silken Lily

All truly great tales should begin with the words “once upon a time.” So, it is with great honor that I bestow upon my story a beginning of true inspiration. Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived many elves. Now, a little fable about elves is that they have pointy ears and are very short. All elves are tall, almost seven feet! And their ears are not pointy! They simply have gifts. Such as they can jump fifteen feet high and can hear up to five hundred yards off. But this story is not about elven kind, it is about a certain elf named Ganbli. Now this certain elf was very troubled, for he was in love and could not tell the female elf. In fact, he believed that she did not even know he existed. But in secret, the female elf loved him also. So on the strike of twelve in the twelfth minute, which was in the twelfth day of the twelfth year, she invited Ganbli to the Enclosed Grasses of Light. Now for those of you who do not know what the Enclosed Grasses of Light is, it is a place where lovers meet in the meaning of ideology. Confusing, I know, but it wasn’t confusing to Ganbli. So on with the story. The two met and saw each other and looked deeply into one another eyes deeply for the very first time (for this is the custom in this not so far away land). She told him of her love for him and he did the same. After three hours of doing what lovers do he asked of her her name. But she would not, after days of asking she finally told him this. “If you can find out what my favorite cloth and what my favorite flower is, you will know and we will be married.” So in search of this information, he asked family and friends, givers and takers, women and men but found no answers. So in a depression Ganbli sat by a Brooke throwing stones. He had thrown three stones and was about to throw the fourth when he heard a voice cry “No!” He looked around but saw no one. He raised his arm to throw once more but the voice cryed out again. He searched the area again but found none there in. After a few minutes of pacing he sat down and began to examine the rock out of curiosity. And to his surprise he found a mouth, two eyes and a nose on it. The rock began to speak, “Please, do not throw me into that cesspool of evil! It is horribly dark and cold in there! Please don’t throw!” Then’ the elf had an idea. “If you can tell me the most beautiful elf favorite cloth and favorite flower I will not throw,  but if not…” He glanced menacingly at the water. So the rock told him because he had heard the maiden say it herself. Her favorite cloth was silk ad her favorite flower was the lily. And so the man placed the rock back on the shore and ran to tell his love. She was so excited that she kissed him and they lived happily ever after. Her name was Silken Lily.


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