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Assassins Act

She’s disappeared in body
She’s disappeared in soul
I cannot find her anywhere
She’s even left her minx stole
I’ve looked in the city
And I’ve also looked in the hall
I cannot help but think
That she’s lost her way in the mall
A voice continues to whisper
Into my mind and soul
These words that don’t really comfort
But may lead to her lost goal
The voice say this,
“Do not bother chasing secrets,
  Do not bother seeking lies.
  For in the end when you have found her,
  You’ll see her spirit fly.”
So I ignored this voice
And searched for days
But she wasn’t here anymore
She was here, but in the morgue
I walked home
Tucked my daughter in
She awoke with a single question
“Daddy, where’s Mommy, is she here at my door?”
What a morbid thing to tell
“Mommy’s not here anymore,
  She’s gone to another place.
  I cannot say when she’ll be back.
  Maybe never, but I can’t say.”
Her innocent smile
Her curious eyes
Were drawn into a mortal pain
Tears fell down
Never ceasing like eternal rain
And if I were the assassin
She’d be the one to kill
But falling in love
Proved to be more than a gruesome pill
And if I ever find
The assassin that took her life
That acts that I’ll commit
Will proved to be
An Assassin Act


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