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Cities fell
One at a time
Lives destroyed
With a tap of a chime
An evil man walks
Through smoldering blood
His plans succeeding
His plot almost done
An interesting phenomenon
Occurs in his leave
Bodies rise
In wholesome glee
He slices a heart
Into four gruesome parts
Throwing it down
For the dogs to rip apart
A severed arm there
A burnt head here
A fool each on of these were
For this man is angry
All of the time
Inexplicably held up
In the great holds of mine
For I am the criminal
Yes I am the one
Who set this city to fire
For seeking death is my pleasure
No can stop me
For I am…
And will destroy anyone, I don’t care
Through politics, yes I might
For simple pleasure, of course I would
Or for only a drop
Of the sweetest substance known to man
A lullaby
The size of a grain of sand
Its name…Dark Revenge
I’ll do anything to get it
Even kill the one I most love
I am the true monster
You must fear
Or I will stab you with a thousand spears
Crappy poem but sure does represent the world of politics.


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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