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I used too see words as only words. Just tools to be used for self. Words were to me manipulation tactics. But recently a new word came into my vocabulary that made me rethink this. This wasn’t just a word you said. It was a word that provoked thoughts and insecurities. It made you wonder if you really had control. Maybe you didn’t live a life of reason. Perhaps there are truths hidden. This word caused questions such as, what happens when you’ve lost everything? What happens when your life crumbles in front of your eyes? When you’ve lost friends, what next? Most people don’t plan things to be bad. They plan good plans. But when life is gone, there are no more plans. When your life seems to fade, what do you think? When everything good you’ve ever created turns into your worst nightmare. What do you do? What do you say? How do you continue to live? How do you face the fact that you’ve lost this game of life? When do you finally realize that this is it?
The word was skyfall.
And the only question that could be inspired by this word is this:
What happens after skyfall?


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