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Under The Mask

Her hair is silky
Her skin is smooth
Her face is elegant
Her lies will fool
My Liege, do not fall
For the beauty you behold
For her face is a mask
To be shown in a duel
Yes, under the mask
You will find her true self
Under the mask
You’ll see why you’re love should stay on a shelf
Under the mask
When you see the true her
You will regret
Becoming a fool
But as the emperor of Rome
Your orders are clear
I’ll die with my head on a spear
Just remember my face when you die
For you shall be visited
By my spirit with sighs
You will be haunted
By my battle cries
And way you will die
Will be very sad
She’ll cut out your heart
Then stab at your head
And let the dogs eat your bones
Being in love will turn for the worse
You will wish
That you would not be cursed
Aaron the Foot Soldier
Son of Bilback, the shepherd of lambs


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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