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Please Forgive The Angel In Your Eye

I’ll make you laugh
I’ll make you cry
I’ll be the angel
In your eye
I’ll cover your heart
When you’re too hurt to do it yourself
I’ll be there with
The hope you’ll need
To survive
I’ll be your friend
In the time of need
Making sure
You have all you can conceive
I’ll make mistakes
Which I apologize for now
I only ask
That you love me
I know I have hurt you
I know you’ve been wronged
I know I have harmed you
When you needed me the most
I know you have felt forsaken
By the man you once loved
I do love you
I admit it now
I haven’t exactly been there for you
But I will now
I will not leave you
Has no reply
And so I ask you
To forgive me
Not because I deserve it
But because I love you
Please, do reply


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