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To Do

To set my pen to paper
To strive to make a point
To live a life so lifeless
Without the prompt of words
To create a poem
An artifact of art
An idea of ideology
To draw a smile from those lips
With the song I have created
To finally hear the birds sing
In their moments of grace and power
To be inspired
By inspiring
The ones I hold so dear
Yes, this is my life
My destiny indeed
To create life with my words
To see their eyes
Twinkle with love
Every time I quote a verse
Oh come, oh come
Oh peaceful dove
And rest upon my shoulder
Inspire me
And also others
To paint the world so bright
To finally put colors to the trees
And to brighten the stars at night
To make the sky-scrapers taller
To improve Da-Vinci’s work
To make the skies bluer
To draw the suns golden rays
To lift a life so lifeless
By only using our words
Oh come, oh come
Oh peaceful dove
You now rest upon my shoulder
Please do not leave
Till my work is done
Till I have lifted the boulder


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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