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His Note To Us

The wind blows
Through the soundless nights
The clock counts
The minutes till bright
The birds have ceased their songs of joy
The flowers have closed
Out of their frights
Only the chime
Sings its song of gloom
While fear creeps
Into dreams, for doom
What shall we do?
To prevent this fate
What shall we say?
To calm those we love
What actions shall be taken?
Against the chime
And its Screams, what shall its fate be?
All those around
Fear and fret
But I will defy
This gruesome threat
I will march to it
In the night
With my ax in hand
I will destroy it with might
So those may be free
Of fear created
By the enchanted chime
Hung by the witch
Then I will slay her
And burn her bones
So all those may be free
Of her evil drones
Then I will burn her house with glee
I am now a hero
And all those will believe
For I am the way
The truth
The life
My name is Jesus
For I am the one
Who came here to die
And left this earth
With glorious might
I am the one
Who freed all those
From the evil chime
Created by him
That witch
That devil
That grueling slave-master played his move
But now he is through
He has lost all power
He now kneels to me
With no glory to offer
For I am the way
The truth
The life
No man meets my father
But by me
So please come
And accept me today
I have a kingdom
That I am ready to give
You must not fear me
For I am not mad
I have already forgotten
What you did when you were bad
I want you as my friend
My best-buddy indeed
I love you with all my heart
I plead
Your Best Friend,


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