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Never Fade

I wrote a name
On the window pane
On the condensation of the glass
But the water was heavy
And the name began to fade
Till it was nothing but smeared remains
So I stood there awhile
Looking intensely at the remains of the written name
And as I stood there
I asked it to never fade
Theses are the records
Of my time at the glass
And the words that were spoken and said

Never fade
Never Fade
I beg of you oh name
For in my heart
There is a love for the meaning behind this name
Never fade
Never fade
I plead with all my heart
The memories were made
With the person of this name
Which I love with all my heart
Never fade
Never fade
I say in ecstatic rage
For in my heart
I know the point of angers fiery start
But as I can see
You have already gone
From the window in this wall
So this is goodbye
And as I say this simple phrase
I realize I have no start


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