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Tears Of Blood

Tears of blood don’t come every day
Why they come some just can’t say
But when they’re coming out
Flowing red
I think to myself I’ve been visited

So with the tears of blood still flowing down my cheeks
I see a light that approaches me
My hands begin to tremble
My legs go real tense
I feel a holy presence
I see a ghostly mist

I feel as if time has frozen
As if I am dead
I hear a still small voice
Beckoning me into Heaven

Fear begins to creep
Around my body it does
I feel a nervous twitch
Another drop of blood

Should I go?
Should I stay?
Should I rebel in an angry way?
Or will this fulfill my hearts one true desire
To sing in a harmonious choir?

‘Tis it strange
To see such things
As mist and tears of blood
For it reminds of a book that rhymes
And speaks of truth it does
Yes it talks of war, famine, kings, queens, lively quest and hunts
But the most intrigue
Is a story that rings
In my ears – it still does.

A mysterious ghost
A Holy Ghost
Came down to man to rid them of Tears of Blood
Revival came
Sin was gone
Light was shed
By the Holy One

It all came together
All at once
I finally understood
My life’s full destiny
I followed this Ghost
He cleansed me of sin
I became a holy warrior
Fighting against sin


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